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Merch Raven For Fans - 

Merch Raven are an Australian based merchandise print company with a strong passion for Heavy Metal music. 

After much research and trial, we have started offering Print On Demand (POD) merchandise fulfilment services for bands & sent direct to you; the fans. 

The advantage of POD DTG/DTF technology means we can print as little as 1 unit with no extra cost for full colours. Older Screen Print methods often have a 100 unit minimum order & every colour added to the design increases the cost.

You will see designs & colour ways from the bands on Merch Raven that you can't get anywhere else. You will also have access to classic discontinued designs that you thought you missed out on, not to mention our own Merch Raven Original's range.

Our product catalogue will also be expanding to include the international bands you can't easily find in Australia & without the $40 international shipping charges & 3-4 week wait.

Feel free to contact us with suggestions of bands you want to see stocked!

Merch Raven For Bands - 

Using state of the art DTG & DTF print technology, Merch Raven can print your bands merchandise and produce highly detailed, full colour, XL prints with NO minimum orders.

Stocking high quality AS Colour garments, you can order Men's, Women's Short & Long Sleeve Tees & Zip or Pullover Hoodies. 

Gone are the days of ordering 100 units and outlaying thousands of dollars for every T-Shirt design you want to stock for your band, as well as storing them at home whilst you wait to sell through them all to make a small margin.

Did you misjudge size demands & you've sold out of 3XL's but still have demand from fans? It's understandable that you'll have to disappoint fans due to minimum order requirements.

Do you want to maximise your merch range at your live shows without blowing the budget? You can order small runs of multiple designs as often as you like to keep the inventory stocked up. Want to bring back classic designs or try some new ones risk free? Merch Raven have got you covered!

Contact us today to learn more.

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